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    Our Fantastic Fabric Technology

    The weaving methods and fabrics matter a lot to our users.

    For many years we kept searching for new weaving methods and fabrics to optimize the user experience for our customers.

    By far we mainly use two different clothes for manufacturing.
    -Nylon and Polyester combination in a perfect balance is mainly used for sports clothes. It is flexible, smooth like cotton feel, light, and easy to clean. Neither 100% Nylon nor Polyester can have such excellent performance. However, please note such fabric cannot stand high temperatures, so NO dry wash!

    -Spandex (PU) is another fabric we usually use on fitness clothes. It is called Elastane in Europe, also known as Lycra. While 100% cotton fabric is comfortable, it lacks flexibility, crumbles easily, and is hard to dry. However, with around 3-5% Lycra in the cotton fabric, such drawbacks are massively improved. By far clothes with Lycra cotton are top-selling products in our store and on the market.

    While weaving methods matter a lot, we pay a lot of attention to them as well. While Lycra cotton requires different weaving methods to Nylon and Polyester combination, we invest even more resources for better product quality, dedicating to make the best products for our customers.


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